OMG- DIMARZIO 2 for RM599 NEW!!!

OMG- Choose Any 2 DImarzio Humbuckers for only RM599 only!!!!!
F.O.C SETUP!!!! -Worth RM110 !!!
YOU SAVE RM 150!!!
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Ever wanted to built your own jamming studio?
Its yours now for below rm 10k ( for a decent studio of course, not some El-cheapo studio people)
Units are ALL BRAND NEW! equiped with a full- 1 year warranty!!! (pictures above for illustration purpose only)

Drums: Sonor force 1007
cymbals: stagg SH sets
additional ride stand:

Guitar Amp
Line 6 spider 75 watts

Guitar amp 2
Vox AD50 50 watts

Bass Amp
Gallien-Kruger 100 watts
Hartke kick Back 100 watts

P.a System:
1 pair active speakers Whaferdale/AVI/Behringer
1x 4-6 channel mixer
4 quality dynamic cardoid microphones ( not cheap pasar road type)
4x20 feet xlr cables
4 mic stands

All above RM9999.99 only!!!
total value RM 15,670.!! you save RM 5,670!!!!

Free studio installation and delivery for the above package.
Call us for a free consultation regarding acoustic and sound-proofing/ basic operation of a jamming studio.
call now!!! 03-78777500. or 012-2666450

STAGG cymbals- CRAZY PRICE cymbals!!

We're now dealing in Quality Stag cymbals.
Ready IN stock most SH, DH and BM series.
Call us for great offers - Offers too good to be posted online to public!! Reference code: Blogspot 11
Best price in TOWN GURANTEED!!!
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Dimarzio humbucker Promotion- ONLY RM330 and receive FREE INSTALLATION and SETUP worth RM150*
Call us and check for your desired dimarzio humbucker choices!!! SINGLE COILS AVAILABLE!! YJM?? ETC.
Purchase any dimarzio Humbuckers and receive a free installation and a full setup on your guitar!!!
Only the best and most professional guitar setups! includes!
-Frets polishing
-Fretboard conditioning
-Neck height Adjustment
-Pickup height
-Bridge height
-*****SWEET SPOT tuning**** ( hot stuff!!! must test to believe).

** D0 you know that after changing ( string gauge , pickups , bridge and Nuts) , a full setup is required?????
Pickup changing should be done along with a setup to ensure the pickup height does not cause magnetic pull to strings, causing low sustain or worst, insufficient output (tone). Buy a dimarzio from us!! and get FREE OF CHARGE installation and setups!!!

Buy 2 humbuckers, and receive an even better deal!! - Deal too good to be offered (call us and find out!!!!)
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Full Backline Rental- RM899 only!!

Backline equipment rental Listing ( per day)
Drums: DW Pacific 805 5 piece full set -Black
Cymbals: Zildjian schimitar Hi hat, Ride, Crash
Optional: Paiste _China or Paiste_16" CRASH , Stagg 18" flat ride, 18" Brilliant crash
Guitar Amp: Fender Princeton 100 watts. USA
Guitar AMp 2: Marshall UK VS65 valvestate
Bass Amp: Laney Ricther 15" 100 watts.
all above for RM899 only ( FOC 1 soundman/roadie)- Great for cooperate events/ college functions/ wedding shows.

Or For The Good Budget guys:

USA DRUM WORKSHOP DW collectors 5 piece set;
Gilbalrtar hardware kits.
Zildjian and paiste cymbals set ( 5 pieces all together)
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Head+4x12"
Marshall JMP50 Plexi Lead Head+4x12"
ALL above for only RM1999 only.

DW- Pacific Z5 drum set-NEW FULL SET- RM1700 only

New DW's pacific drums, As shown above
Best deal in town on a full set of drums.
Including 1hi hat set 13" , 16" crash/ride.
Drum throne. And full 5 piece set with hardware ( available in 2 size)
Rock setting or Fusion size!! Great for drummers of all level. Pro level drummers - Come test it out with our new-evans Hydraulic glass skins and 800 series hardware!!!
2 colours available.
Come Test at our showroom in SS2!!!
call now for the great offer!! Refer code: Blogspot-1171
ALL FOR ONLY RM1700 !!! Add RM299 for@ 1 20" ride and extra cymbal stand (worth RM450)
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Professional Guitar Refretting-!! RM299 Only!!!

Professional Guitar Re-fretting:
Using only the best quality frets[ above shown is a scalloped unit]
1 fret- RM20
Full Neck RM299 Only
Neck Refinishing(nitro lacquer)- add RM80 extra only.( only with refretting services)
for more info. call/sms @ 012-2666450

Boss gt-10 RM1850 only!!!

!!!March 2009 offer!!!!
New Boss GT10 , RM1850 Only.
Only few Units left. New in Box.
for orders, call @ 03-78777500
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ORANGE AMPLIFICATION. Price list coming soon,
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